Post-Operative Rhinoplasty Instructions You Have To Remember

Any surgery needs proper post-operation care. This will not just help the patient with pain but also aids in speedy recovery. This is the predominant reason why people are given a lot of instructions to take care of themselves after such surgeries. Similarly, after the completion of nose surgery, it is important that you follow certain things consistently. This is because nose job is not as easy as you think and it might not always work the way you want it to work. So here are some of the things that you have to remember post-surgery.

Blocked nose is quite common:

In case if you are not aware of the common post-surgery inconveniences that you might face, then blocked nose could be a bigger issue for you to handle. But remember it is quite common to experience a stuffy nose after the surgery, and you need not have to worry. Instead, you can carry a reliever or an air humidifier to help you with the case. Also, this blocked nose is a temporary feeling, and you will gradually get over it.

Daily care:

Your new nose needs to be pampered a lot, and that is how you can get that to shape at the earliest. The lesser you care, the longer you have to suffer. So there will always be a daily routine to take care of your nose. Surgeons usually guide you on this, and we suggest that you better stick to it and listen to what they say. This way you are helping the nose to get well soon.

Mind your sleeping position:

The next important thing that you have to remember is your sleeping position. Your sleeping position can have a major impact on the way you sleep, and it is better that you listen to the instructions and follow it accordingly. The type of surgery that you have undergone will require a different treatment and get the instructions from the surgeon. In general parlance. You will be asked to sleep in a position that doesn’t press or suffocate your nose.

Expect the worst:

Sometimes the doctors might not be prepared to keep you informed in advance about the worst things that you can expect as a consequence of the nose job that you have gone through. So here we are to tell you the things that you might face. Initially, there could be a lot of irritation and itching. You may experience a perpetually blocked nose, and we already covered that. You might also face issues like discoloration, numbness and the worst case is that you can also bleed at times. But you can definitely get over all of this in due course.

Your diet matters:

After the rhinoplasty, one thing that matters the most is the diet that you take. As much as possible go for the liquid diet and make sure that you carry a straw. This makes eating a lot better experience. Avoid food items that you will have to chew a lot and also make sure that you take care of the nose job. Too much of chew can increase the pain.

Post Author: Lisa Ward