5 Different Types Of Nose Surgery Available

Nose surgery, also technically known as the rhinoplasty, is one of the costliest affairs that you are doing these days. A nose job is not simple. It needs a lot of skill and expertise and along with the experience of the surgeon comes the perfect outcome that you are looking for. Rhinoplasty was an advent that came as a remedy to a deformed nose by-birth or a nose damaged after an accident. But these days, the large number of people who are going for rhinoplasty are the ones who are looking forward to reshaping their nose. So when demands can change, the surgery types also change accordingly. So here are the 5 major types of nose surgery that you should know.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty:

Just as the name goes, this type of surgery is conducted primarily focussing on to change the look of the patient’s nose. So there might not necessarily be any complications or problems with the nose. It is only intended to change the look of the nose. Some people suffer from spots, acne or change in the colour of the nose. All these can be met and solved to a greater extent with the help of cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty:

It is not hard to guess what this surgery aims at after sees the word augmentation. This surgery is carried out to increase the size of the nose and to make it look bigger than it was before.  So augmentation rhinoplasty helps the patient to increase the size of the nose. This can sometimes be carried out along with revision surgery when the size of the nose has become small as a result of some internal damage to the cartilage, and the patient wants a bigger nose.

Reduction Rhinoplasty:

Quite the opposite to what happens in augmentation rhinoplasty, here the size of the patient’s nose is reduced. This can either be a deformity that is by birth or as a result of an accident. The patient will have an enlarged nose that can sometimes lead to breathing suffocation and other issues. It could also have an impact on the look of the patient’s face. So to get these issues out of the way, reduction rhinoplasty is carried out.

Revision Rhinoplasty:

So this is supposed to be the supplementary type of rhinoplasty that is usually carried out to correct the issues that went wrong in the earlier nose job. This can be quite a common affair in most of the nose job cases. Only a very few cases turn out to be successful where the patient gets close to the perfect nose, others go futile, and then a corrective surgery has to be carried out.

Post-traumatic Rhinoplasty:

It is the type of rhinoplasty that is carried out on a nose after being damaged by accident. This type of surgery can help the patient get back the nose to proper shape that has been damaged by accident. In these cases, patients might also take advantage of cosmetic surgery or other preferred methods to shape the nose as they prefer.

Post Author: Lisa Ward